Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"ok, ok , don't push us when we're hot!"

Here comes round two now complete with our own server space (thanks erik)!

I was trying to think of songs that captured summer to me for today's post. Not in the "summer jam" way that most people, myself included, mean when they think of a summer song. Instead of lightweight breezy party steez, I'm talking about grime & sweat. When the only thing you can do is sit listlessly on your porch with a tall glass of your choice and roast. These are but two of the ones I came up with.

The Ikettes- Your Love Is Mine
Ace Records

Hands down one of the greatest R&B female groups. This particular song written by the group's namesake Ike Turner has such a unnerving piano lead which sounds slightly out of time/tune that's really annoying at first. It took the type of summer day that I was talking about above to really appreciate it. Delores Johnson's lead vocal cuts through the summer heat to deliver a set of chills so cold the very fires of hell couldn't thaw them.

Irma Thomas - Ruler of my Heart
Minit Records

So many things to say about this woman! Born in Ponchatoula, Louisiana in 1941 she only thought of seriously pursuing a music career after being fired from a waitressing job for spending too much time singing with the house band instead of waiting tables. I for one would love to shake the hand of that boss who gave us Irma. Although probably best known in pop circles for the Imperial b-side "Breakaway" her work for Minit and Chess ranks highly among my favorites from my collection. This song will be familiar to most as Otis Redding's "Pain in my Heart." It's important to note that song was a reworking of this one, not the other way around. When Otis Redding swipes your song, I'd say your in good shape.

Two trivia items whose correct answers get you an envelope of random music related crap.

1. Whose single charted higher Otis' or Irma's?
2. What's the connection between these two songs?


Blogger valtron3030 said...

I can't answe the triva, but dizamn! Does Ruler of my Heart rock my socks!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous kevin jones said...

mmm well, lessee -

Irma's version of the song was a regional hit in the southern states but never charted nationally.

It should be noted that otis redding was sued by Allen Toussaint (aka "Naomi Neville") for reworking the song.

i think it was the rolling stones that later covered it too.

were they from the same town? ... i cant remember.

-- are you the chazz thats spinning our night here in seattle next month? if so, could you email me:

1:35 PM  

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