Friday, August 12, 2005

"Why make an effort when no one's botherin'?"

I'm sure a lot of you cats remember this one, but for those of you who have yet to "witness the pitness" allow me to put you up on something that you will either have a laugh, or get really pissed off at. MC Pitman is a self desdribed ex-miner from the North of England. Whether or not you choose to believe that is really up to you. What is certain is that his 2003 CD "It Takes a Nation of Tossers" is full of hilarious and biting commentary on British culture over some beats that, surprisingly enough, actually aren't all terrible. The rhyming itself gets pretty grating after awhile due to his slow, almost drunken delivery and thick as Stumptown Coffee accent. Certainly not a classic but good fun anyhow. Big ups to my man Gabe for dropping this one wasted night in his apt.

witness the pitness
(son records)
dig the streets dis

what i am
(son records)
a 50 swipe! "get back into your club mate and fucking stay"


Blogger tinks said...

i always have nice girlfriends! ha!

sure wish i had some broadband so i could like, y'know, listen to this stuff.

11:27 AM  
Blogger chazz said...

is it not fast yo? that one girls a bitch and everyone knows, i don't need to name names.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Sweet tracks.

9:26 AM  
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